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The Anywhere in Leeds guide wouldn’t be possible without the help of the following books and websites. Thanks very much to their amazing authors!

Special thanks go to Leeds’s greatest ever author/writer… ever, Mick McCann for writing the comprehensive Encyclopaedia Leeds (seriously, BUY IT!) and for kindly contributing two very interesting pieces of writing which are included in the guide.

Briggate Yards & Arcades by Peter C. D. Brears & Kevin Grady (2007). Published by the Leeds Civic Trust.
Coming out as a Bowie fan in Leeds, Yorkshire, England by Mick McCann (2006). Published by Armley Press.
Did You Know? Leeds – A Miscellany by Julia Skinner (2013). Published by The Francis Frith Collection.
How Leeds Changed the World: Encyclopaedia Leeds by Mick McCann (2010). Published by Armley Press.
Leeds City Beautiful by Nigel A. Ibbotson (2009). Published by Breedon Books.
Leeds: Not a Guide to by Diane Holloway (2012). Published by The History Press.
Leeds: Shaping the City by Martin Wainwright (2009). Published by RIBA.
Leeds Waterfront by Chris Furniss (2011). Published by the Leeds Civic Trust.
The Making of Leeds by David Goodman (2004). Published by Wharncliffe Books.
Leeds Stories
leodis – a photographic archive of leeds
Secret Leeds
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The Yorkshire Evening Post